Kitarablogi’s FREE “Book of Guitars 2” out now for iBooks!

BoGVol2 – cover

Download your FREE Apple iBooks-version of Kitarablogi’s brand-new electronic book using this link:

Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars 2

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An Android-compatible PDF-version will be released in early May.


BoGVol2 – cover

Lataa itsellesi nyt ILMAISEKSI Apple iBooks -versio Kitarablogin uudesta e-kirjasta tästä linkistä:

Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars 2

(Voit imuroida tiedoston myös ilman omaa Dropbox-tiliä – klikkaa yksinkertaisesti Dropboxin Sign Up -ikkuna pois!)

Android-yhteensopiva PDF-versio ilmestyy toukokuun alussa.


Assembling a Set-Neck Guitar Kit

Guitar Kit book

The brand-new eBook from “Mr Kitarablogi” – Martin Berka – takes you through the process of assembling a guitar kit from the viewpoint of a novice.

Assembling a Set-Neck Guitar Kit” is not meant as an all-encompassing encyclopedia of guitar-building knowledge, but rather as a description of how this affordable kit was transformed from a heap of components into a working electric guitar.

Get your free copy HERE!


Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars

Kitarablogi BoG Cover have just released their first eBook for iPad, called “Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars (Volume One)“.

Kitarablogi’s Book of Guitars features over 100 pages of guitar photography, getting up close with many different models starting with Duesenberg and ESP, and continuing all the way to PRS, Schecter and Yamaha. Click on the audio-icons in the eBook to hear sound samples of all the guitars covered in this interactive tome.

Get your free copy HERE or by visiting your iBookstore!

Mannedesign RDV – beauty shot